Considering Purchasing A Car Hauler For Personal Use? Your Questions Answered

Posted on: 22 February 2017

Car haulers are those long, two- to four stories high trailers that carry several automobiles all at once. While dealerships and shipping companies find them invaluable, they are not always a great buy for personal use. Still, if you have some extra money and want to buy a car hauler, you probably have some valid questions about them. Those questions, and their answers, follow.

Is There a Minimum Weight Requirement for Car Haulers?

There is, and there is not. While car haulers can run empty (i.e., devoid of all vehicles), and they can run full (of cars), you may be wondering if they operate the same with only one or two cars loaded. Generally, if you load one vehicle toward the front of the hauler, it is a good idea to load one toward the back. This helps keep the hauler from swishing like a fish tail all over the road. However, that does not mean you must load two or more cars. It just makes sense to load more than one if you need to transport cars and trucks to another location.

Is There a Maximum Weight Restriction for Car Haulers?

Yes, there is a maximum weight restriction. Car haulers are only built to haul a few tons. Since different lengths and heights of haulers can haul more weight, you will need to check with the seller of the hauler in which you are interested to determine how much weight is too much. Usually, it is whatever the total sum of weight of all vehicles loaded into position on the hauler, give or take a couple tons.

To What Do You Connect a Car Hauler?

Car haulers pull several tons of vehicle around. As such, they need a lot more power to pull them. Only semi rigs are able to provide this much power, so if you buy a car hauler, you may want to purchase a semi rig too. (You cannot pull them with a heavy duty, six-wheeled passenger truck, so do not even think it.) At the very least, make sure you know someone who has a semi and may be willing to drive your car hauler around for you. 

How Difficult Is It to Get a Car to the Second Shelf?

Cars and trucks on the bottom platform of a car hauler are easy to put there. A twin tire ramp drops off the back, and you drive the vehicles right onto the truck. As for the upper layer(s) of vehicles, it could happen one of two ways. A magnetic crane like the ones used in a auto salvage yard pick the vehicles up and place them on top, or the car hauler's bed folds out like an accordion, and the cars are lined up before the end of the platform folds back up via a winching system.

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