Advantages Of Taking A Taxi When You Attend A Sporting Event

Posted on: 26 May 2017

When you attend a sporting event, one of the things that you'll need to think about is how you'll get there and back. Many sports fans travel in their personal vehicles, which certainly has its advantages. Others may travel by public transportation if there's a bus, train, or subway route that has a stop near the stadium. Another transportation method to consider is a local taxi service. This approach might not be something that you consider right away, but there are numerous advantages to riding in a taxi when you attend a sporting event. Here are some advantages to consider.

Easier To Get Out

One of the pitfalls of driving your own vehicle to a professional sporting event is that it may take a long time to get out of the parking lot. In large parking lots that hold tens of thousands of vehicles, for example, you might reasonably be an hour or more to get from where you're parked onto the road leading away from the stadium. This isn't a problem that you'll encounter when you opt for transportation by taxi. At many stadiums, taxis and car services have a dedicated pickup area next to the stadium and, even more importantly, their own lane straight out to the main road. This means that you'll be on your way home before many fans are out of the parking lot.

Safe If You Consume Alcohol

Many sports fans enjoy having a couple beers over the course of the game, which can make driving a poor choice. This can especially be the case if you've also done some tailgating, as you might reasonably be over the legal limit. In addition to it being dangerous to get behind the wheel, it may also cost you in a different way. Local police forces will often set up checkpoints on the roads leading away from stadiums in an effort to catch intoxicated drivers. If you're in a taxi, even if you have indeed been drinking, none of this will be a concern to you.

Smart Financially

Parking at a professional stadium can be expensive. While public transportation tickets are typically cheaper than taxi fare, the latter can be a cost-effective approach if you share it with friends. Whether you're traveling to and from the game with friends or you simply approach other fans waiting in the taxi area, decide you're heading to roughly the same area of the city together, and pool your money to travel together, you may end up paying less than you expect when you travel by taxi.

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