Unusual Questions About Limo Services Answered

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Limos are fun to rent and use for special occasions. They can make a special event feel even more special. You might be wondering a lot of different things about limo services. You can direct all questions to the limo service company. If you have any questions that you feel are too weird or too awkward, the following unusual questions and their answers may be of assistance.

Can You Decorate a Limo for an Event?

Usually, yes. The interior may be decorated for birthdays, bachelor/ette parties, weddings, and anniversaries. Just be aware that nothing liquid (e.g., silly string or "slime") is allowed, nor anything that requires being painted onto the outside of the limo. Be sure to check with the limo company before bringing decorations with you.

Can You Drive Long Distances with the Limo?

That depends on the limo company. If you live three hours away from Las Vegas and want to take your friends on a trip using the limo, that may be a possibility, even though you would have to pay for every hour you use the limo. If you live in Maine and want to drive to California, more than likely the limo company will tell you that it is simply out of the question.

What Happens If Someone Gets Sick in the Limo?

It happens. Parties get out of hand, people drink too much, and then there it is. Most limo companies manage this by including a damages clause in the contract you sign when you agree to rent the limo. Human vomit, feces, urine, blood, and sexual fluids may all fall under that clause, in which case, you have to pay to have the limo cleaned. Check with the limo companies near you to see how they handle these situations.

What Happens If the Driver Gets Into an Accident?

This is extremely rare, since most limo service companies vet their drivers thoroughly. After all, they are driving enormous luxury vehicles worth thousands and thousands of dollars! The company does carry liability insurance, business insurance, etc., but your own medical insurance should cover some of the costs. 

What If the Driver Does Not Show Up on Time?

Punctuality is a must in this business. If your limo driver is more than ten minutes late, you should be calling the business owner to find out why. The decent thing to do is shave off money you paid and give it back to you, or extend your rental time if the driver does not have another appointment after yours.