Need A Courier Service For Your Business Packages? How To Avoid Delays And Delivery Errors

Posted on: 15 December 2017

When you run a business, you know how important deadlines are. You also know how important it is to keep your business expenses under control. If you're going to be working with a courier service, your deadlines and your expenses can suffer if you don't follow the right procedures. Couriers provide excellent service, especially when your business mail needs to get somewhere quickly, and safely. However, if you don't follow the right steps, you could get yourself into trouble. If you're going to be utilizing the services of a courier service, here are four tips that will help you meet your deadlines and keep your delivery costs in check.

Always Double-Check Your Numbers

If you're going to be using a courier to pick packages up for you, it's crucial that you provide the right numbers, such as shipping numbers or will-call numbers. Failing to provide the correct numbers can lead to delays, which can increase the time of the couriers service call. Unfortunately, the increase in service call time will also increase the cost of your courier service. Before you dispatch the courier, always double-check your numbers.

Always Provide Contact Information

If you're going to be sending a package to a company, or large building, it's important that you provide contact information. Having the package delivered to the right address is a good start. However, once the package arrives it's important that it makes it into the proper hands. Failing to provide accurate contact information could result in the package being delivered into the wrong hands. It could also result in an extended delivery time, which will happen if the courier needs to find the right person.

Always Provide Delivery Instructions

If your package is going to require specific delivery instructions, be sure to include that information with the shipping information. For instance, if your courier will need to go to an alternate entrance, or you'll require a specific person to sign for the delivery, that information will need to be clearly outlined with the shipping instructions. Failing to provide that information could result in costly delays.

Always Know the Office Hours

If you need a package to be delivered to an office, be sure to find out about the hours before you schedule delivery. This is particularly important when it comes to offices that close for lunch, or have shortened hours several times a week. Scheduling a delivery for a time when an office will be closed, will result in delivery delays, and mostly likely will also increase the cost of your courier service for that delivery.

Time is money. Don't make mistakes with your courier service that could end up costing you more money. Use the tips provided here to control the costs of your courier service and prevent delivery delays. If you have questions, contact companies like Mr Kab Taxi LLC.