3 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Dump Truck For Gravel Delivery

Posted on: 5 February 2018

You've picked out the perfect gravel for your driveway or landscaping project at the aggregate supply company, and you are now looking at the task of hiring a dump truck to deliver the material to your property. While many aggregate companies will put you in touch with a choice of dump truck services, it is always best if you do a little legwork on your own to ensure you get the best. But how do you know what to ask when you are not familiar with dump trucks as hired transportation for materials? Here is a short list of questions to ask the dump truck service to help you narrow down the best one for the project at hand. 

How far is the dump truck service from your property?

The greater the distance is between the dump truck service, the aggregate company, and your property, the more it will likely cost you to have the materials delivered. Most dump truck services will charge you by the mile for fuel, but they will also charge you for time, which can be pretty lengthy if you are a great distance from the dump truck transport company. Picking the closest option is usually going to fetch you a lower price to get your materials delivered. 

How much experience does the service have with gravel delivery?

This may seem like an odd question to ask, but it really is important. Spreading gravel with a dump truck, especially on long grave driveways, is something that takes some skill and experience to be done right. You want a nice uniform distribution of the material, which takes a slow and steady delivery and dumping action concurrently. Asking the dump truck service if they are familiar with spreading the material is just a natural question you do need to know the answer to before making your decision about who would be the best. 

Will you be charged per load or per project?

In addition to charging according to the distance traveled, most dump truck services will also charge customers by the load. However, some services will not charge by load, and instead will give you a specific price according to what you need done. This can be the best option if you know that you will need more than one load of gravel delivered to your property because it will likely save you some money on overall costs. 

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