Buying Tips For Commercial Dump Trucks

Posted on: 5 October 2020

Dump trucks are very practical in that they're powerful and can transport a lot of materials, including waste and gravel. If your work requires one to complete heavy-duty or special hauls, then you'll want to use these buying tips to complete this impactful transaction.

Select a Transmission Type

The transmission is one of the more relevant components to focus on when selecting a dump truck. You have manual transmissions and then automatic models. Which type is best depends on your particular project and dumping needs.

For instance, if your tasks vary greatly, a manual transmission might work out best. These transmissions have more gears, and that means better performance flexibility. Manual transmissions do require more training for operators.

If you want to skip the extensive and time-consuming driver training, then automatic transmissions will be best for dump trucks. There is no learning curve, and automatic transmissions also tend to cost much less. 

Think About What the Body Is Made Out Of

Every dump truck has a body in the back. It's an important component that will dramatically affect the performance of your dump truck. If you want to go with a lightweight material that doesn't disturb dump truck performance that much, aluminum is an amazing choice. 

Or maybe you want a body that's very durable, as that means less maintenance you'll have to deal with. In this situation, a dump truck with a steel body is the best investment to make.

Review Maximum Operating Weight

Although dump trucks are durable and can carry a lot of materials at one time, they do have limits. Specifically, every dump truck will have a maximum operating weight. If you go above this weight, you'll only do damage to integral components like the engine and transmission.

Before you even buy a dump truck, you want to look at its maximum operating weight. Then think about the materials that will be hauled around the worksite. If you can estimate their weight roughly, you'll be able to select a dump truck suited perfectly to your hauling needs. Keep in mind that the larger the maximum operating capacity is, the more expensive the truck will be.

Dump trucks are special vehicles that are used to haul materials to and from different destinations. You can buy a vehicle with absolute assurance it will work out by taking time to find the right attributes, features, designs, and specialty features.

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