4 Different Types Of Warehouse Services

Posted on: 4 October 2021

If you are running a business that creates goods that have to go out to a consumer, you will need to work with a warehousing firm to help you get your goods to the consumers who are purchasing them. Warehousing is about more than having a place to put your goods. Warehousing firms can actually offer you a full range of services.

Service #1: Order Fulfillment

When you send your goods to a warehouse, you still have to get them ready to ship out to the end consumer. With an order fulfillment service, the warehouse servicing firm you are working with will take your customer's orders, process them, package things up, label them, and send them out.

They will not only store your goods, but they will also send your customers the goods that they order. Order fulfillment services can help to dramatically reduce your operating costs and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business operations while still getting your goods out to your customers.

Service #2: Inventory Control

Next, when you are storing and shipping goods from a warehouse, you will want to stay on top of the inventory you have stored at the warehouse.

You will need to keep accurate inventory so that you can keep the goods you need to send to your customers in stock at your warehouse. Inventory control is essential if you are also using order fulfillment with your warehouse service firm. Good inventory control is essential to quality customer service.

Service #3: Transportation

Sometimes, you need help getting your goods to the warehouse. If you need help getting your goods to the warehouse, you will want to look for a warehouse service firm that can help you with your transportation needs.

They can help you arrange to ship your goods to their warehouse using rail, road, or air transportation methods, depending upon what you are shipping and how quickly you need to get your goods to the warehouse.

Service #4: Transloading

Another subset of transportation services is transloading. With transloading, the warehouse will arrange for your goods to be transported using various shipping methods. For example, you may ship your items via rail and via truck. This involves more complex controls and is a service that is offered alongside transportation services.

Warehousing firms can do more than just store your goods; they can help with the transportation of your goods to the warehouse and help with shipping and fulfilling customer's orders.

Contact a local warehouse service to find out more about your options.