Planning A Destination Event? What To Know About Utilizing Shuttle Services

Posted on: 6 September 2022

Magic can happen when a group of good friends and beloved family members get together and a well-planned destination event can make the experience even better. While destination events are great ways to celebrate a wedding or reunion, they can also add just the right backdrop for any gathering.

An important part of any successful destination event is ensuring that group travel is seamless, from the time the participants are collected to when they are returned safely to the drop-off point. If you are planning a destination event, this information will help you choose the right shuttle service for your needs.

Plan for guest comfort during travel 

Most shuttle services offer several types and sizes of vehicles to better serve the needs of their community. In order to book the right shuttle service vehicle, those who are planning a destination event will need to carefully consider the number of guests they will be inviting and the route that will be taken to the destination. 

If the destination is a short distance from the starting point or will be arrived at via a route with frequent rest stop options, a standard bus without restrooms may be a good choice. A bus or vehicle with full restroom facilities should be considered when the trip will be long or the guest list includes elderly guests, children, or those with certain types of medical conditions. 

Review shuttle service policies 

Some shuttle services have policies or restrictions that destination event planners will need to know. For example, some shuttle service providers place weight limits on baggage or age restrictions on younger passengers. Shuttle services may also have standard policies on cancellations and limits on how long the shuttle will wait for a tardy passenger. Taking time to thoroughly review all shuttle service policies before booking the service will help ensure that destination event guests are comfortable with the services provided by the shuttle company. 

Shuttle service capacities often book up quickly so destination event planners will want to locate and book a shuttle service well before the date of the event. In addition, destination event planners will want to make sure that they book airport and local shuttles for any guests who may be flying in from another location. 

Shuttle services can be an important part of a successful destination event. To learn more about utilizing these services or get specific information for the event you are planning, contact a shuttle service in your area.