4 Questions You Might Have About Mobility Rentals At A Theme Park This Summer

Posted on: 18 April 2023

As summer approaches, many people plan to visit a theme park. However, if you have mobility issues, you may have some concerns. While you may be fit and healthy enough for a stroll around your local mall, theme parks are a whole other beast. In fact, experts report that you can walk 10 miles or more a day at some of the larger parks. If you have a week-long vacation planned, that may be more than you {or anyone, for that matter} can handle.

Whether you battle arthritis, an autoimmune disease, or just need a little extra help getting around, you may be wondering what your options are. You don't want to slow down your family and friends, but you don't want to miss out on the fun, either. Mobility rentals are the answer and are an excellent choice for anyone who has difficulty walking long distances, standing for long periods, or has any mobility-related problems. Here's what you need to know about mobility rentals.

1. Who Can Rent Mobility Equipment at a Theme Park?

Anyone can rent mobility equipment at a theme park. No questions asked. You don't need a special permit or proof of a medical condition. Visitors can rent mobility equipment online or in person at the theme park.

2. What Type of Mobility Equipment Is Available?

While every theme park is different, most offer traditional push wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters. Some parks even rent accessories, like a canopy, backpack, or front basket, to make your visit more enjoyable.

3. Is It Embarrassing?

Nope. Self-care is never embarrassing. Plus, no one is paying attention to you and your mobility rental. They are all there to enjoy the day with their family, just like you. The term spotlight effect refers to the tendency many people have to overestimate the amount of attention others are paying to them.

4. How Do You Use Mobility Rentals at a Theme Park?

How you use a mobility rental is completely up to you. For some people, walking in the cooler hours of the morning and getting a rental for the afternoon works best. Others may choose to rent every other day to avoid fatigue. Additionally, some parks have uneven brick or cobblestone walkways that can be difficult to walk on.

Mobility rentals at a theme park can help anyone with a mobility issue to have a comfortable and enjoyable visit. So, don't let concerns about fatigue or walking long distances keep you from having fun. Rent a mobility scooter and explore your favorite park this summer.